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Simple steps to dramatic improvements

Our StoryThe LiveWell Institute was founded in 2013 to help individuals of all ages discover how to use their immediate power of self-awareness to create happy and healthy changes in their lives. How can such dramatic improvements come from simple self-awareness?

The POWER of self-awareness

Self-awareness creates confidence. It provides the knowledge necessary to bring about positive change and positive attitude. Positive people are happier. Happy people treat themselves and others with the care and respect that can be handed down from generation to generation, creating happier families and workplaces … a happier world in which to live … for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.

You don’t have to be a natural: whether you’re 5 or 95, you can learn to shine and to share, collaborate, laugh, thrive, persevere and bounce back. You can learn how to get unstuck – freed from beliefs, habits and burdens that have weighed you down, stressed you out and left you defenseless against discord and disease.

LiveWell teaches these skills: using our AWAKE self-awareness methodology. Our workshops and books focus on practical ways to ‘wake up’ to new ways to live well and to make a difference.

While Kindergarteners are learning to count, they learn to count their blessings. Couples and families live extraordinary lives by simply living their values. Individuals feel healthier inside and out. And organizations and communities trade stress, in-fighting and mediocrity for vibrant teamwork, clarity and excellence in dreaming bigger dreams – and realizing them, faster.

Our programs create the greatest reach and rewards for everyone. Our ready-to-present workshops can be licensed and used effectively by schools, HR directors, parishes, life coaches, wellness coaches, business consultants, therapists … anyone who wants to teach. The thinking is already here, the presentations are well researched and entertaining, and our facilitator training provides even first-timers the know-how and confidence to present like pros.

Only LiveWell workshops feature AWAKE. No other program features LiveWell’s exclusive AWAKE self-awareness methodology. Each presentation is built on the best work in its field – from wellness and stress management … to goal setting and team building. Instead of simply presenting positivity concepts, all presentations use the AWAKE approach (Attention, What’s working, Awareness, Knowing and Energy) to coach audiences beyond learning these life-changing skills … to actually living them. It’s a difference that gives presenters the power to make a difference. Become a facilitator.

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