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AWAKE Methodology

AWAKE is a step-by-step process created by The LiveWell Institute that helps people learn how to see what's going on, and provides the clarity and energy to put positive changes into action. Instead of just defining a problem or opportunity, the AWAKE methodology illustrates how to use self-awareness to implement one easily attainable goal after another. The result is having both the power to obtain brighter possibilities and the capability to make them real.

The first step in The LiveWell Institute’s AWAKE process is to focus attention and define the specific problem or opportunity that exists.

The second step is to become very clear about what is and isn’t working. This is done by learning how to focus most clearly on what needs fixing and where to channel efforts so that the biggest improvements can be seen most rapidly.

Even common problems are unique because they are experienced through each person’s own filter of life experiences, beliefs, values, comfort zones, strengths and struggles. By working with rather than against these unique filters it’s possible to solve problems and seize opportunities with greater ease – and success.

Once the Awareness step has produced options and ideas that are right for addressing what needs to be fixed, changed or explored, the Knowing step maps out what has to happen to move forward: what skills need to be learned, what decisions need to be made, what habits need to go, what resources will be useful, and who can be enlisted to help.

It takes energy to advance from knowing what’s possible to actually accomplishing it. This last step of the AWAKE process focuses on generating and using the positive energy needed to move forward. This step includes creating a SMART plan (Specific, Measurable, Activity-defined, Realistic,Time-frame) that allows energy to be focused where it can produce the greatest results most quickly. This in turn creates momentum for achieving truly extraordinary improvements. 

From energizing personal growth and family life, to taking classrooms, communities, businesses and relationships to an all-new level, these steps let everyone AWAKE to a brighter life.

All Certified LiveWell Facilitators receive master training in AWAKE methodology.

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