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The LiveWell Institute makes a wide range of workshops available through our Certified LiveWell Facilitators. If you are interested in sponsoring or attending an upcoming workshop, here’s how to FIND A FACILITATOR.

Workshops Plan BE Burnt Toast Exhaust Fumes Positive Success Is It Really ADD? Entrepreneur Brand New

Plan BE: Using Who You Already Are to Live the Live You’ve Always Wanted
For: Individuals
Also for: Parents and Grandparents
You’ll learn how to define your personal brand and use it immediately to gain new confidence, success and satisfaction with everything from relationships and your career ... to solving seemingly impossible problems and realizing even the most ambitious dreams.
Full-day and half-day formats available.
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Burnt Toast: How to Keep Stress from Burning You Up and Out
For: Schools / Businesses / Individuals
Also for: Parents
Lack of recognition, a tight schedule at home, financial worries, illness, negative comments from a partner, kids or colleagues: unrelenting stress turns up the heat. Before stress turns to burnout, learn how to use your unique strengths and “filters” to quickly enjoy greater control, well-being and satisfaction.
Half-day and 'Lunch & Learn' formats available.
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Exhaust Fumes: How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout
For: Businesses / Families
Caring for someone with a disability, chronic medical condition or serious illness can be so exhausting many caregivers find themselves running on fumes. Learn how to preserve your relationship and your own mental, emotional and physical well-being.
90-minute and 'Lunch & Learn' formats available.
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Positive Success:
Teaching Kids to be Kind, Happy and Confident
For: Schools / Families
Learn how to “teach it forward” by modeling positive living skills and instilling focus, self-awareness and empathy in even very young children. Brimming with ready-to-use activities that engage teachers and students alike in creating happier classrooms and healthier self-images.
Half-day and 'Inservice' formats available.
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Is It Really ADD?
A Practical Approach to Attention Deficit Disorder
For: Schools / Families / Individuals
Also for: Professionals
From hyperactivity to behaviors of gifted children, learn how different types of ADD are diagnosed and relate to a variety of learning issues, as well as academic performance, social interactions and family dynamics. This workshop includes practical guidance for addressing ADD challenges at every stage of life, from preschool to adulthood.
Half-day and 90-minute formats available.
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Entrepreneur: Turning Your Comfort Zone Into a Competitive Edge
For: Businesses
Are you “the face” of your business? Do you want employees to share your mindset and passion? Learn the secret of translating your own strengths, values and vision into a powerful story – and a business that matters.
Half-day and 90-minute formats available.
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Brand New:
Branding for Extraordinary Teamwork, Value and Success
For: Schools / Businesses
Learn how to build your organization to create a unique and valuable brand that solves problems, gets everyone pulling in the same direction, sets you apart from competitors, and improves everything from messaging and marketing ... to how employees and customers behave.
Full-day and half-day formats available.
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