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Create A Brighter Life
For everyone who wants a faster path to happiness, wellness, performance,
power, and peace: The LiveWell Institute’s revolutionary AWAKE approach
clears the way to start solving problems and seizing opportunities…immediately.
Based in Herndon, VA and serving an international audience, The LiveWell Institute offers original, ready-to-present workshops, workbooks, books, coach training and certification, and publishing services. The LiveWell Institute specializes in resources for school teachers, businesses, families and individuals, using the AWAKE self-awareness approach to address stress management, life transitions, loss, empowerment, bullying, academic and business performance, personal growth, wellness and other topics. Workshops are available for licensing by The LiveWell Institute to certified life coaches, business coaches, HR personnel, and other facilitators. The LiveWell Institute is a dba of Dobe Marketing, Inc.
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